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Wedding Seating Planning Tool

Seating Planner

Planning your wedding guest seating arrangements shouldn't be complicated. With the seating planner tool, you can map any variety and formation of wedding tables to suit your venue's floorspace and then allocate guest names to their respective seats.

  • See a list of seated and unseated guests, grouped by bride or groom’s family, friends and colleages
  • Simply click-and-move a selecton of round and rectangular tables onto the floor arranging them anyway you choose
  • Click-and-move unseated guest names onto empty seats
  • Label tables to your own liking; Bridal Party, Joe's Parents, Samantha’s College Friends etc
  • Print a PDF of all guests associated with tables and seat numbers for the reception venue to work with
  • Where do you start? It's always a great idea to arrange your tables first before allocating seats

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