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Surprise or Not?
27 March 2011
Was your proposal a surprise, or not? Seems to becoming a lot more common these days for people to just say "Stuffit lets get married"...And I think its great! But surely there are some romantics still out there, that propose just like in the movies…
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Bali Weddings
27 March 2011
Seems very common these days for people to get married overseas... I am looking for advice for Bali Weddings...we are really really interested in going down this path...but not sure about both the legalities and how we go about it. Bali is a very special place…
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26 March 2011
Erin your pics are awesome, love the red s:D :D s:D Engaged 24th Dec 2010 - Wedding date 13th April 2013. Nervous, excited, anxious, many different feelings. I trust thats normal? s:? Read More →

About Us

How we met

Met in 2004 at a party as young & drunk 15 year olds, clicked straight away and spent the whole night getting to know each other. We were both in similar friend circles, and would always be at the same gatherings etc...neither of us had the courage to ask the other out. Eventually in April 2005 we became an item, and haven't left each others side since :)

The Proposal

Had been talking about engagement/marriage for years, and finally he asked me what kind of ring I would like. That in itself took me about six months to figure out, then Christmas eve 2010 he took me to the foreshore not far from our home, where he proposed <3 . We have set the date of 13th April will be our 8 year anniversary and 13 is his lucky number.

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