2000 days since our wedding day.

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About Us

About me

I am an easy going person who thought I would never met someone special. When I met my partner I know he was my someone special. I can be highly strung sometimes as I am a fire sign but my partner is a water sign so he is able to calm me down :-). I'm a not a girly girl and I love the finer things in life

About my partner

A very caring and wonderful man. But at the same time he is very sensitive. Would move heaven and earth to make me happy. He has a beautiful soul and never gives up :-). He is a real blokey bloke. Shorts and thongs man :-)

How we met

We met on a dating site. Our first date was at a local pub. I was so nervous I couldn't stop talking. At the end of the date he asked to see me again so we made plans to see each other again the following week and we have been together ever since.

The Proposal

We were both unemployed for a while due to both his parents past away within six weeks of each other which took a huge toll on him. then one day I said to him if we both get jobs can we get married and I thought he'd say NO but he said YES. I would be so lost with out him as he is my rock

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