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16 October 2012
Im really not quite sure what to write.. to introduce myself i guess we begin with the basics. My name is Kelly... I am 27 years old. I have an amazing man in my world.. his name is Daniel.. he is 33. We have been…
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About me

Im 27... I am a twin, I have a twin brother. I am studying to be a hairdresser. I love coffee and music. My favourite places the beach or anything nature. I love antique and vintage looking and sometimes shopping with my man. I love going for drives and motorbike rides with my man. I love going to the driving range, going shopping or just sitting and watching a movie with my man.

About my partner

My amazing man is 33. My man is my Italian Stallion. My handsome. He is a true gentleman. He is an art teacher at a correctional facility. He is an identical twin. His twins name is matthew. He loves riding his motor bike, He loves collectables and antiques. He loves watching a good movie.

How we met

We met online on Oasis Active. But we met in person about 3 months later at a food court. We got to know each other over lunches and dinners, just casually hanging out. We went swimming and went to carols events and then he asked me out on New years eve when he asked me to spend the evening with his family and God parents for a new years celebration.

The Proposal

We have promised our lives to each other. The ring etc is yet to come. I patiently wait for the special moments to come.

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