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How long was your engagement?
06 April 2011
Ours will be almost a year and a half. I'm not sure how people can actually plan a wedding in less time than that!! s:shock: :shock: s:shock:
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03 April 2011
Immerse Winery: m m Just saw it in your signature. Beautiful views. s:lol: :lol: s:lol: yep that's the one we confirmed our booking last week s:D :D s:D
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Newly married and looking to build a new home (or renovate)?
29 March 2011
yeah good tip!... seems that both involve a lot of planning too, so would be good practice! s:lol: :lol: s:lol:
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Surprise or Not?
28 March 2011
Mine was also a surprise. We moved into our first house (which we had built together) at the beginning of September 2010. Glen had purchased the ring not long later. He was trying to organize for my to go out with friends on the night…
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Bali Weddings
28 March 2011
Bali is a gorgeous wedding location. I was a bridesmaid for my best friend over the in January this year. Wedding was organized directly through a friend at the hotel (Puri Raja in Legion). My main word of advice after our experience was to make…
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Arrived home on 11/11/2010 to find my DF had beautifully decorated the house with tea candles, rose petals and memorable moments of our time together. At the end of the"path" he was on one knee with the ring... <3

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