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About me

I am sam, and my partner and I are getting married on the 30th of april 2013. I have lost 31kgs to look fab on my wedding day and the rest of my life I have more weight to lose. I am outgoing, fun, adventurous and very loving

About my partner

Reuben is the most amazing man I know he always thinks om my feelings and has been supporting me for a while now and although we may be young I have never felt so sure about anything in my life and he feels the same way we are life partners always and forever

How we met

we met 3 days after I moved interstate. I was supposed to be going out to dinner with my cousin and her partner and I wasnt even slightly interested in meeting a man then 5 minutes before we arrived to the resturant my wonderful cousin told me that her partners younger eligable broher was coming along and started talking up his good aspects I just brushed it off but when I met him he was the sweetest most sincere guy I had ever met

The Proposal

we decided to go 4x4ing on the beach on bribie at night so we pulled over and sat on the beach and watched the stars.It got a little chilly so I decided to retrieve my coat from the car and while I was doing it he was walking around the beach strangely so he asked me to switch the lights on to the car and there it wa written in the sand "Sam will you be my wife" then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring which is 3 big emeralds set into a 18ct gold band surrounded by diamonds

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