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Laughs and Giggles - Jokes For Women
14 June 2013
There is nothing to make us feel better than a good giggle or even better, a side splitting, stomach hurting, tears to your eyes belly laugh. THE WASH-CLOTH I was due for a smear with the doctor later in the week. Early one morning, I received a…
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Bridesmaids in different coloured dresses, pictures please
03 April 2013
Yes I am thinking of having Bridesmaids in different colored dresses for my balloon theme wedding. Am trying to convince FH this will work These BM dresses are what I have in my mind so far. Sample Bm dresses from Simply Bridal
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Professional photographers Canberra
22 March 2013
Engagement Photo Shoot are means for us, couples, to immortalize our love story,or even tell new tales with photos. Also we get to know the photographer's working style and his/her personality. It is also an opportunity to judge the quality of the images they shoot…
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My cousin's hens party!
15 March 2013
Hi everyone Last Saturday my cousin had her hens party . It was a pampering event where all of us indulged with beautiful pampering treatments. Plus a trial make up and hair dressing session for the bride and the whole bridal party. And…
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Catering Services
06 March 2013
Last Saturday I attended my cousin's wedding. They had a photobooth set up at his wedding, balloons for decorations: balloon arch, ballon centerpiece and ballon streamers. It was gorgeous. Simple yet elegant. The buffet table was attractive and more important, the food was excellent! There…
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About Us

About me

I may look unfriendly and strict because of my snobbish look but later your opinions will change when you come to know me longer. I am actually one of the sweetest, friendliest and nicest person they every meet.... I am a simple librarian but some people think it's quite a boring job. But still I love my job even though I am not fond of reading books. I guess books like me.. :)

About my partner

Well he has a little bit of everything...but what I like most about him is that he is thoughtful and a family oriented guy...I salute you my hubby...

How we met

Well, after trying different ways of meeting men outside my friendship group I decided to give up for a while. So I didn't worry about looking pretty. One day I was returning a book on its shelf when this handsome guy asked me if we have books about love potions, When I first set my eyes on this guy it was an instant attraction! He was so cute. I didn't answer instead I pointed the shelf where he can find what he was looking for. Then I secretly laughed but I guess he accidentally saw me. The next day he got my number and started texting me and from then on we were texting and calling every night. After a few weeks we were officially dating.

The Proposal

It was last month, when Jave came to work and borrowed a book about potions again. When I looked at him he had this silly smile on his face. And then I opened the book and there was a note saying "Hi.. Joyce.. will you marry me?" I laughed and immediately said yes!

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