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About Us

About me

hi i am 43 years old i had a bad past but i found my soul mate my husband to be treats me like a princess im currently studying at vic uni doing my age care cert3 i love doing this course as i know i can love and help the elderly im also doing my wedding plans but my life is complete now all im waiting for now is my wedding then to graduate from school :)

About my partner

my husband to be is the best man on this earth im his princess even tho he is younger than i am, he is just amazing ,anything i want like cooking me banna muffins at 3am on a saturday night or even on a work night he will do, and he treats my 4 adult daughters like his own im blessd to have this man in my life :)

How we met

i met my husband to be 10 years ago walking past our house and we became best friends and each others back bones until we got together 4 1/2 years ago and he stillis my best friend and my back bone :)

The Proposal

haha we went shopping for my engagment ring i decided which one i liked and we where both so excited he propsed to me in our ute and a latte hahaha lucky enough we love our cars :)

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