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About Us

About me

I am a stay at home mother of two and am also studying photography. I love people and just love kids. I am a bit of a kid myself at times.

About my partner

My fiance is an interstate truck driver he is home one day a week. He is a fun loving guy and a great father to our two beautiful babies.

How we met

We met at a road house I was working at at the time up north as he is a truck driver talked every time he came in and 5 months later he worked up the courage to ask me for my number and then 6 months later he asked me out.

The Proposal

2 months after asking me out we decided to move to Toowoomba and he proposed to me the night out at my dads after asking my dad for his approval. was cute. 2 weeks later we found out we were going to be proud parents.

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