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Introducing myself :)
24 October 2012
Hello everyone, my name is Michelle. I will be getting married in Toowoomba, and this will be my second wedding, and all I can say is keep it simple with your own touch of elegance, and your day will be magical. Don't put the unnecessary…
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Sharing the proposal...
24 October 2012
My fiance sent a text message, most likely to feel out the response. Message reads: "Ha babe what are your thoughts be if we bacame one?" Put you in the picture my fiance works sometimes 1-5 hours away from our home. Hence why we text and talk…
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Groom wants to wear jeans, ideas on how to make it work
23 October 2012
I'm Michelle, I am happily enagaged to my perfect man, getting married mid next year. And would like you help of a topic.... s::smile:: ::smile:: s::smile:: My groom announced yesterday that he would like to wear jeans "Wrangler" to…
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About Us

About me

Getting married mid next year, and have children.

About my partner

Hard working would like to wear jeans to our wedding.

How we met

On the internet.

The Proposal

A text message then followed by a phone call. He works out of town.

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