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24 October 2012
I'd actually found the ring 12 months before it happened. I kept expecting it every time we went out to dinner, or when we would have a night child free, or when flowers came.... but nothing. I had almost given up hope and when i…
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24 October 2012
Hi I'm Krystal s:D :D s:D My partner and I have been engaged for the past year and have finally booked our big day for the 26th Jan 2014. The reasoning for having it so far away…
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About me

Hi :) At the moment i'm a stressed out wedding focused bride even though the big day isnt for another 15months. But when i'm not planning our big day, i'm a mother to a 2 year old princess, a fulltime social work student and on weekends i shadow as a bartender to pay the bills. As you can tell i like to juggle :P but my partner keeps me grounded and reminds me to laugh at myself when i become a little crazy eyed.

About my partner

He's my best friend and the rock that stops me from spinning out of control. He works hard and does all he can to provide for our small family. It lights up my world to see him playing with our daughter and sharing special secrets that I will never know. He is laid back and sometimes too easy going for my task focused mind but he is a wonderful man.

How we met

We first met at a local pub that I was regular at. In fact the first night we met he was actually nursing my very drunk best friend back to health by holding her hair back as she vomitted. We bumped into each other a few weeks later at another bar near by and we began chatting, exchanged numbers and organised a date for that Sunday night. I knew this was something special when he called me the very next day asking if I wanted to go out tonight as Sunday was too far away.

The Proposal

He obiviously couldnt find the right moment. I found the ring 12 months before he proposed and was so excited and waited and waited for that special moment. It eventually happened when I had given up all hope and when we were on a work function at Ayres Rock. The actual words "will you marry me" came out in the middle of a conversation we were having about going to the bar for drinks. He had been carrying the ring with him all through dinner and even snuck it into his suitcase that I had packed without me noticing.

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