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Surprise or Not?
27 September 2012
Complete surprise! While we had talked about our future I had go e back to Uni to study teaching and he had come from the UK so was getting his career sorted. We had a surprising tax cheque and so at the end of my study…
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27 September 2012
Hi My name is partner and I met 4 years ago and have been engaged nearly 2 years! He's the love of my life and still makes me laugh! Not sure when the wedding will happen s:o :o s:o (…
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About Us

About me

Engaged nearly 2years but with the grooms family in the UK it all got really difficult!

About my partner

The most supportive and amazing guy I could have hoped to meet! Well never make loads amount of money but we make each other smile and laugh!

How we met

Very drunk at a pub, wouldn't change a thing

The Proposal

On the beach in Samoa. We'd gotten a nice tax cheque and I was about to start a career change to teaching, it was the last big triple knew we'd have for a while. Even though my family said they saw it coming I had no idea! He'd gone out and bought the ring and planned it all!

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