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It's on all madden.
10 October 2016
I don't see this being talked about anywhere, but the CPU is back to brain dead mode inside of two minutes. Throwing passes and stopping the clock when leading and not taking a knee to run out the clock when possible. Anyone know if the devs are…
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TOMBA Madden 17 Slider Set
06 October 2016
So, let me first preface by saying I had to get my game face on for this one. There are slider sets and then there are slider sets. Everyone has their different take on how things work to the point where we tend to believe…
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I don't understand your complaints FFXIV about Blizzard 2.
27 August 2016
SCH doesn't have a better filler option on large groups after Bane and Shadow Flare are out. Now about Protect: it really doesn't do that much. If you or someone you love (or don't) is dying in a Dungeon, it's probably not specifically because of lacking…
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Thancred turned around and FFXIV came back
24 August 2016
Everything was ready now. All Cleo had to do now was waiting: for Thancred. Even though they were a couple now, Thancred did flirt with other girls from time to time who made Cleo sad, hurt and jealous. She never wanted to admit it at…
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TSDS Guides FFXIV need YOU!* (*well, your ideas) :)
22 August 2016
Greetings boys and girls, my name is TSDS and I create guides for encounters in this game that are rather lacking in the guide department. I've currently updated both Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium dungeons (as existing guides were so out of date) and I've completed…
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