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Surprise or Not?
29 September 2012
Mine was kinda a suprise i got to pick the ring but didnt know when he was going to propose ithought he was going to propse in front of our families but he suprised me on my birthday before we went out for dinner …
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29 September 2012
Hi My names Chantelle me and my fiance Micheal got engaged on my birthday this year in july then celebrated our 1 year anniversery in august and are married in April next year. We have most things booked and sorted out already. I have my dress and looking…
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About Us

About me

I'm 24, studying community services and love my fiance with all my heart :)

About my partner

He is 27, studying welding and the amazingly wonderful :)

How we met

We first met at the local ten pin bowling alley he asked me to bowl with him and i said no then he asked me out a couple of days later :)

The Proposal

It was the night of my birthday and we were in the bedroom getting ready to go out for dinner with our families and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him i didnt even let him finish before i said yes and gave him a hug :)

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