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looking for flowerdress for my neice
23 October 2012
Could show me where I can buy the flower girl dress for my neice? Thanks everyonea
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About me

I'm a little Vietnamese girl. I move to Perth to get married with my lover. I came here 1 month ago. I have to learn a lot of new things for start my new part of my life. Sometimes,I feel nervous,because my english not good. But everything will be ok,because my lover - my fiance or my husband to be....always stand by me. I feel happy and excited to my wedding day now.

About my partner

I don't know how to tell about my fiance.He's just a normal man,not perfect, not bad...but he love me alots,and me,too.

How we met

We met 4 years ago, on a destiny trip to Nha Trang beach in Vietnam.

The Proposal

We live different country. So we just met 1 or twice a year. And 1 time, before he went back to Australia, he asked me keep one thing for him. And he gave me a small box. I just kept that box until the day I travel to Australia for visit him and his family, and then he said I can open that box that time. That is my wonderful memory about his proposal.

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