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About Us

About me

I am 26 and I am getting married next year can't wait already picked a lot of stuff out such a stressful time and fun time

About my partner

He is a Aussie man works hard looks good but never cleans up after himself and he's never romantic but we have two wonderful kids he gave me.

How we met

We were on a dating site and we asked each other out on a date because he lived 5 min drive from me we went to the movies he went home with out even giving me his number so I thought that was it for a few days then we went for dinner and haven't left each other side for three years he moved in and I love him so

The Proposal

He took me to dinner and it was on a plate will u marry me with the ring in the middle of the plate he got on one knee everyone was looking and I was so excited I said yes

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