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02 October 2012
He had taken me out to dinner then when we got home put a.dvd that he made of all pictures of us and at the end of the dvd it came up with will u marry me and a big question mark. And he got…
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02 October 2012
Hi names.alyssa im 21 have a little 11 month old baby and im planning my wedding for 2014. I met my husband to be at primary school and he has been right by myside ever since. Even through my cancer treatment. I love him…
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About Us

About me

Hi im alyssa im 21 have a great partner and a 11month old.son

About my partner

His name is aaron hes also 21 he works at tip top and i love him to bits

How we met

We went to primary school together and dated abit the which was in 2002 then.we seperated during highschool back together when i was diognosed with cancer.

The Proposal

We were out to an amazing.dinner and we were sitting.on tge lounge after and watching tv he wanted to put a dvd on so he picked this dvd and put it on and it was a picture show of me and aaron and at the end it said will u marry me. So he pulled out the ring a proposed.

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