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About Us

About me

Well im a non-materalistic hippie who is getting married on the 4th Jan :) Its a no rules, no plans, no shoes wedding with a hippiesque feel to it :) Our reception is a 'festival' called Wickstock, complete with a hotdog stand and a Mr Whippy van! My number passion is giving :)

About my partner

Wick, my partner, is my fave asset! I wish I could take him everywhere! He is kind, compassionate, naughty and most of all giving! He is my 'SM' soul mate & I thank God for him everyday x

How we met

we met on facebook actually :/ Wick lives in perth and I live in Brisbane. We both have children from previous marriages, so we have to commute to be able to see one another. Wick lives in Perth for a month (to have his children) then flys to Brisbane to be with my boys for a month :)

The Proposal

Well I asked Wick to marry me via a video. In a rare occasion we had all our 5 children together so I thought it would be the perfect setting :) The kids were getting a little restless so I said 'lets put a video on so we can settle down' I asked Wick to put it on and on the disc was my asking him to marry me :) He of course said yes and we all squealed with delight :)

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