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About Us

About me

My name is jess im 26 and a stay at home mum to four wonderful children And who dreams of opening an amazing little cupcake shop one day! I also have an amazing fiancé who means the world to me : )

About my partner

My partners name is Fraser he is 25 and he really is amazing! Everything He does is for his family. Even telling him I was pregnant at just 16 instead of running away like most other 16 year olds would he left school and got an apprenticeship so we could have the best life possible.

How we met

We are actually high school sweethearts! I remember watching him walk through the school thinking to myself that I would be with the guy one day! And he would look at me and give these cute little smiles every time he caught me staring! Little did I know that he felt the same way! Then one night at our school social things just happened and we both starting talking and then had that one dance that sealed the deal!

The Proposal

Well we had a dinner party to go to in maleny which is in the Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, and I knew something fishy was going on and had a feeling a proposal was coming ( I did no he had brought a ring ) so after our amazing dinner high we went for a drive to the lookout which was beautiful overlooking the whole of the Sunshine Coast and there where stars for miles, i was standing there waiting for something to happen, but no nothing and we hope back in the car on our back to pick up the kiddies. When we got home I was so disappointed and a little upset nothing had happened, maybe he was having second thoughts. So I had a shower and got into my daggy pjs and layed on the couch and started dosing off, then I heard him say jess and when I opened my eyes he was kneeling on one knee with this amazingly beautiful ring in the box in his hand and asked me to marry him!!!!! I no it's not this amazing story but to me it was sooo special!

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