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About me

My Name is Natasha I'm 28 years of age is now in engaged after a 4 year relationship Blue eye brown hair, I'm a stay home mother! Had two children in the last 2 years and also have a 9 year daughter and a 14 year old son from my partner!! So our life's is busy!!! My partner and I meet at work be came good friends and now in relationship we own a house and had two more children son 2 and daughter 4mnths old! My husband to be is my soul mate he is so loving and giving type of guy all way bend over backwards for me and our family couldn't ask for more! We hoping to be married next year November so we can cherish the moment together!

About my partner

My partner is a loving and giving men, 6 ft tall big build, big brown eyes, does lot for everyone and also works hard for this family!,

The Proposal

My partner took me out for lunch on my 28 th birthday, went to glenelg to a seafood restaurant, my partner wanted to go for a walk along the beach, I've sort of known he was up to something lol!! After walking about 10 mins and got to the end near the rocks and the shore my partner Damien bend down on his knees and pop the question, I was so OMG and yeah for sure!!! The ring was his grandmothers it's almost over 100 yrs old diamond, beautiful ring!! His grand mother died when he was 14 years of age, so this ring had a lot of history behind it, so grateful and oner to share this moment with him :))))

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