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What kind wedding dresses fit you?
31 October 2012
I'm just trying on dresses for the first time this week, but I'm looking for something a little bit retro, possiblyt in a tea length. I want lace and long sleeves, as I'm getting married in winter!
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We chose a 1920's theme
31 October 2012
How very cool! Looks like a gorgeous venue too, where did you get married?
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Hi All!
29 October 2012
Hi all, I'm Skye. I got engaged to my man Joshua earlier in this month and we've just secured our wedding venue for August 18th 2013 s:shock: :shock: s:shock: We've both god grandparents who haven't been in the best…
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About me

I'm Skye, a 28 year old marketer living in Melbourne and marrying my sweetheart in August 2013. I currently run the blog, where I'm documenting my progress, DIY tips, music suggestions etc

About my partner

Joshua is 32 and a barista, a gamer and bit of a nerd (but he's my nerd). He's the yin to my yang - he's always calming me down when I get worked up and I'm always firing him up when he gets too complacent. He's a secret romantic, but doesn't like anyone to know it and my constant source of laughter.

How we met

We met in a cafe that we both frequented and we used to talk and laugh a bit. He asked me one morning if I'd like to join him for a few drinks and the rest, as they say, is history!

The Proposal

Josh and I were on holiday in Sydney when he proposed. We'd had a beautiful warm, sunny day by the bay- I'd seen the bridge and Opera House for the first time, we'd drank cocktails at Opera Bar and taken a ferry to our hotel. When we got to the hotel room we laid down and I was drifting off when he told me I couldn't sleep yet. It took about 5 tries before I'd finally open my eyes and he presented me with the ring box, but it was definitely enough to wake me up!

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