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29 September 2012
Hi all, My name is Mel. My wonderful fiancé have been engaged for 4 years in October! We are finally starting to think about our big day, middle of next year. Nothing is book but plans are there. You are all probably thinking wow a long…
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About me

I'm finally beginning to prepare for our big day after 4 years of being engaged. My partner did not ya to be like the movie '5yr engagement'

About my partner

He is hard working and has recently started his own IT business. He love his motorsports. In particular speed cars and dirt track racing.

How we met

We met while he was over in Perth for a business trip. He was from New South Wales at the time. We met at a nice pub south of Perth. We clicked from the moment we started talking. We had a few days together, and we both knew we met the right person. I took him to the airport. He said then he loved me. I responses with I love you too. I got to my car and texted 'I take it back' (to this day he has never let me live it down). We spoke for hour on the phone every night, we never ran out of anything to say. So we gave it a shot a few months later to do the long distance relationship. That lasted 7 months, and before I knew it he moved to Perth to be with me. We have been together for 6years now and we love each other and still get butterflies to this day!

The Proposal

10/10/2008 was the big proposal. We were meant to go to see Cinderella Disney on Ice. However the show was cancelled for that night. We went out to dinner instead. After dinner we went for a drive to King park to look at the city lights. Next to us was a couple who got engaged just them. I turned to my fiancé and said ' that will be right the got engaged!' After he said it he asked me to marry. I thought he was joking, but I still said yes :) when walking back to our car I said to him 'does this mean I call you my fiancé?' Well 4 years later we are planning ideas, however no real date set!

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