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Should I invite him for my wedding?
14 November 2016
Hey all! So, I'm getting married soon and we've been preparing the guest list and I'm really confused with it. Like I've got this cousin who had once been charged for abusing a girl at his college. There were rumors that she was his girl…
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How did your sweetie propose you?
14 November 2016
Mine was a very simple one. My fiancee is very shy and I'm glad that he finally proposed to me. He just messaged me and asked me to meet him at a coffee shop nearby. We were good friends then, but I knew it could…
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Hey all!
14 November 2016
Hey all! I'm getting married third Feb and since I'm left with no much time I need all your help. I'm too excited and nervous already.
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About Us

About me

Hello all! I'm getting married this Feb and I'm way too happy...

About my partner

He is really adorable. Been in 8 years of relationship with him and I'm really glad that he's in my life.

How we met

He was my boy next door. :D

The Proposal

We were family friends and one day he messaged me saying that he wants to talk to me. I had doubts and was waiting for him to take a step forward. We met in a coffee shop and there he proposed to me.

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