4099 days since our wedding day.

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About Us

How we met

Like many of our friends Tim & i met at a scouting event. We had both been very involved in Rovers over the years. At this particular event Tim was the catering manager and had met the cullinary needs of my 2 girlfriends and I on the promise that i would deliever a peck on the cheek if our order was met. After our date wondering the banks of the Yarra during Moomba followed by a night out on the town in the city for St Paddy's day, we have been together ever since.

The Proposal

It was a huge surprise to me, but of course not to our friends who had been nagging for us to get married for ages. Tim had made secret plans for our usual Friday date night. Tim took me out for dinner at my favorite Japanese restraunt, followed by a ride in a horse drawn carriage around the inner city of Melbourne (something that we had talked about doing for years) & an ellaborate proposal at the Windsor Hotel.

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