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About Us

About me

I'm a 32 year old full time working mum of three....and recently engaged to be married! I have a fun n positive outlook on life and am a hopeless romantic. And of course there's my complex side lol

About my partner

Mark is patient (comes in handy with my complexity), loving and my perfect life partner in every way. He's 38 with three children of his own, however adores my children as much as his. His heart is as big as mine and as optimist too. My favourite thing about him is the way he looks at me. I don't need to hear him tell me he loves me (although I do like hearing it!), I can see it in his eyes. Bit of a cliche but its true :-)

How we met

We met online :-) with three young children, it wasn't easy for me to venture out to the pubs (which really weren't my thing) or any other social venue to meet ppl. Online was convenient and safe. Mark sent me a flirt, I read his profile, saw his gorgeous profile pic and thought he was too good to be true. He snagged my curiousity and so I replied to his flirt. We talk n txt for hours on end for nearly two weeks before we even met face to face. As soon as I'd seen him in person, I knew I was a goner. And so was he.

The Proposal

The official proposal was done during a morning cuddle waiting for the kettle to boil to make a cuppa. I asked Mark if he would be my husband and he said yes! Later when we bought the rings (yes, Mark got an engagement ring too) he got down on one knee and proposed. Because I hadn't actually said the words WILL YOU MARRY ME.... Mark playfully said my proposal wasn't valid, not to be outdone, I thought I'd surprise him. While he was away working, my kids n I all did a word up each out of cardboard n decorated each one with glitter n stickers etc. When the time came to show mark what we'd made, we all walked into the lounge room one at a time. My youngest son with WILL, my next son with YOU, my daughter with MARRY and of course me with ME! He was blown away and of course said yes!

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