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What is the most important part of your wedding?
30 October 2012
Discuss what's most important to you on your wedding day! s::kissed:: ::kissed:: s::kissed::
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30 October 2012
where is a good place to go to have your wedding dress designed? that doesn't cost too much? Start by googling 'dress maker' online, or through the Yellow Pages. Once you find some local to you, ask for references s:) :)Read More →
Hi All!
30 October 2012
Congratulations on the engagment! Plenty of time to organise the perfect wedding before August next year s:) :) s:)
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Sharing the proposal...
17 October 2012
I love proposal stories! I wish I had one to share... s:cry: :cry: s:cry: My husband knows I hate surprises... after 3 together we just got into a conversation about getting married and…
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17 October 2012
Wow! Nothing like having your plans thrown up in the air s:lol: :lol: s:lol: Sounds like it workout perfectly in the end s:D :D s:D
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About me

I'm a planaholic... I love planning weddings, parties, holidays... everything! I love to keep busy, I work a full time office job. Outside of work I'm a member of the Doreen CWA, moderate the Homeone Building Fourm, run a Facebook Buy, Swap & Sell group, aswell as Lost/Found animal group. I'm an animal lover, with 3 cats and 3 dogs.

How we met

We met at the MCG back in April 2001... Mutual friends of ours invited us both to a game, we hadn't met each other properly before, so we had to find each other in the crowd... (as our friends were fashionably late) I had his number, so I gave him a call. He answered, and we both established we were standing outside light tower 4... Like in a movie, the crowd parted after a few minutes of chatting and I was looking at this guy who was looking at me... we've been together every day since!

The Proposal

There was no surprise proposal, as we're a very ultra modern untraditional couple! rather we had a 'discussion' early 2004, sounds very unromantic but it wasn't like that at all! We decided to wait until later that year to announce the wedding plans to the rest of the family, and did so by mailing out invites to our engagement party the night we flew out overseas for my brother's wedding. We then announced the enagement to family in Fiji the eve of my brother's wedding, and everyone back home would have received their engagement party invites that same day!

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