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How long was your engagement?
06 April 2011
Ours was just over a year - we were already living together and had just bought our first place. So we had an engagement/house warming all together! For us, working out the date of the wedding with the actual church / reception dictated the length…
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03 April 2011
Hi All, Welcome to WeddingCircle! Bel - let us know when you get access to that scanner. Would be great to see some of your photos. So no scanner, but photos of photos! Not the best quality but you get the idea. s;) ;)Read More →
I wish we had...
27 March 2011
Hi Erin s:D :D s:D The only thing we would have changed is not flying out early the next morning. We didn't get to enjoy our beautiful room at the Park Hyatt (Sydney) as we didn't get into the…
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How we met

Nightclub! Then another Nightclub where Dave come over and said remember me? I saiid "Nope" but then we started talking anyway!

The Proposal

In Melbourne at the Sheraton at Southbank (Which has since changed hands to the Langham Melbourne). We had discussed getting married and tried engagement rings on. Dave had returned to purchase one of the rings without me knowing. We were in Melbourne for Christmas Dec 1997 with my family, so Dave annouced it to the rest of my family, and asked my parents for their blessing, and he proposed over dinner!

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