2381 days since our wedding day.

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About my partner

His name is Brandon. He is running his own small business. He is very charming and extremely adorably honest person. People love him from the first sight. I love his sense of humor. His tender love and care complete me while I am away from home in oversea alone.

How we met

We both are Buddhists. We met at Burmese Buddhist Monastery in Brisbane and it was pretty much love at first sight. We are originally from Burma. We came to Australia to attend university. We share lots of facts in our lives, such as we have the same birthdays, same blood type, talking the same words at exactly same time over and over again. Some people said we are made for each other. When he asked me out to our first date, I made a secret wish to myself that if he was the one, wished him to wear the same colour that I was going to wear on that day. And I deliberately chose the impossible color for a man which is lime green. In next morning, he was waiting for me at my door steps, opening his car door for me in light green business shirt. How could it be possible? Then the story goes on. :)

The Proposal

He proposed me in front of my parents and was the most unforgettable moment in my life. The wedding date was set on the date of engagement. He is my first and last man of my entire life.

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