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About me

Hi my name is Amy,I'm 27 years old I'm a chef by trade. I have been with my boyfriend now fiancé for 5 years he popped the big question on 20th oct 2012 on our 5 years

About my partner

My partner name is Shane and he is also 27 years old he works as a cabinet making which he really enjoys he loves watching his Geelong footy team play each week

How we met

We meet through friends I have know Shane for about 10 years but we were just always close friends but secretly with both has feelings for one other but one of us was always in a

The Proposal

Well we already had dinner booked cause it was our 5 years plus we both shared a birthday the week prior so we deciding to go to dinner and celebrate both which was at the Atlantic in crown which was beautiful we had a 2 hour sitting and after we finished our lovely meal we headed to the casino and played and lost some of our money lol it was about 9:15 by this stage and Shane said lets go outside and get some fresh air,as we got outside I noticed the little boats that take you on the yarra to see the flames I think they are called gondolas and he turns around to me and say let's see how much they are to hire as we went down to see how much it was there was a family talking to the guy and I said let's go Shane he is busy as the family walks away I go to ask the man how much they cost and before I could do that the guy said to my boyfriend you must be Shane he had already booked it and wanted to surprise me as I was getting on the boat the man passed Shane a bunch of roses and he handed them to me they were so beautiful as we were sailing towards we're you watch the flames go off a boat went passed and yelled out did you say yes at this stage he has not asked me and I turned to him and laughed as we were watching the flames he stands up and gets down on one leg and asked me to marry him it' was the best night of my life

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