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PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:38 pm
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Theme: This has always pick me off, why on all fifa's does the practice area have that stupid camera angle that nobody ever uses? If you want to practice your skills and combos etc etc. you have to do it using camera view which makes you have to use the controller in a way you wouldn't use in real multiplayer! Besides if you want to get fifa 17 points, pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.

Replies:1. This is why I use the advanced shooting challenge to practice instead.

2.Exactly mate , why even bother having a practice arena / skill games when you have to use the controller in a totally different way , absolutely pointless.

3.Yup. The only one worth while is the Advanced Shoot drill and some of the passing/dribbling move. You should be able to edit your camera, end of story. Ridiculous that you can't.

4.It should just pull-in whatever your current camera settings are from the settings tile at the main menu. And then you can pause and change like you would during any normal match if you want it to be different without having to quit out to the main menu.

5.I just want a practice arena where I can actually set up situations I want to practice. Free kicks with a wall, 2 strikers vs. 3 defenders and a keeper, etc. 1v1 against a keeper is only so useful. Give me customization options and I'll play it with the stupidest camera angles you can think of.

So waht's your point. Let us know in commments below. If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website u4fifa.com will be your best choice.

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