Creating live memories with a Wedding Video Production


Creating live memories with a Wedding Video Production

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Long after a wedding, the memories of this special day can be shared by looking at photos and watching videos. An album of photographs is a precious record of the day you were married, but a wedding video production is something on another level altogether, a narrative that captures the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding.

While anyone who has a video camera can make a recording of your wedding day, making a good wedding video production is a complex task involving experience, skill, sensitivity and artistry. How does a couple find a video producer who will do justice to an event as important as their wedding?

On our Wedding Video Production page you’ll find links to dozens of websites of wedding video producers who work in your area. Don’t be daunted by the number of wedding videographers in your area, because we’re about to suggest some tips for reducing that long list to a much more manageable size.

Portfolios are Important

Your first task is to view a range of different sample videos and find a few wedding video producers whose style appeals to you. Visit the sites and check out some of the sample videos on each; you might be surprised at the variety of different approaches you discover. Move on to another site quite quickly if the style of a videographer doesn’t appeal to you - but if you find someone whose work both of you really love, whose videography style would suit the sort of wedding you are planning, and whose videos have good vision and sound quality, bookmark the website.

Find packages that suit your budget

Now that you have a list of wedding video production professionals whose work strongly appeals to you, it’s time to consider the cost of a wedding video production. (It’s important when you compare video package prices to remember that a team which spends a whole day filming your wedding is likely to spend another three days editing the film.) Go back to each website you’ve bookmarked and check out the prices of their wedding packages. Eliminate anyone from your list whose prices don’t suit your budget.

Make a shortlist

Revisit the websites of the videographers remaining on your checklist and read about their backgrounds: training, qualifications, industry accreditations and experience. If there’s a blog on the website, you’ll get some insight into what inspires this individual or team. After all this research, you’ll now be well aware of the combination of craft, knowledge and passion that you will be paying for, and it’s why a professional wedding video production is more expensive than a dude with a video camera!

By this time your short list will consist of only a handful of videographers whose style, technical expertise and value appear to suit you. Now it’s time to arrange to catch up with them, to discover how what you have seen online is reflected in the people you meet, and consider how you could work together.

Meet the Videographer

These meetings will typically identify at least one wedding video production professional who is efficient, friendly and puts you at ease immediately. To help you make the final choice, when you meet up with your candidate videographers bear in mind what it was about their work that attracted you, and be ready to discuss your plans and expectations for your video and to ask about any uncertainties. You want to be sure they will respect your wishes and provide you with a wedding video that captures the essence of your special day.

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