Wedding Videography and Wedding Cinematography are quite different.
A Wedding Videographer’s primary focus is to capture and create a documentary-style record of your wedding day. Events throughout the day and evening are filmed presented in chronological order, and the film is usually supported by music. The cost of wedding videography is normally lower than cinematography as less equipment is needed, filming generally takes less time and the finished product requires less post-production time.
A Wedding Cinematographer is trained in the art of filmmaking and how to create visual stories with impact, meaning and purpose that hold their value over time. Cinematographers are skilful in the use of professional accessories such as Steadicam and sliders as well as lighting and audio equipment to enhance the mood and tone of your film. They also focus on capturing the evolvement of a love story with multiple cameras filming different moments simultaneously. T
he Cinematographers at John Sacco Films in Victoria are committed to creating for you a unique and memorable wedding film that you will be proud to show your friends and family and will cherish for years to come. We are supported by a team of brilliant film-makers and pre- and post-production experts who use high quality equipment and the latest technology and cinematic techniques to bring your story to life.
With an  event as special an event as special as your Wedding day, having the best possible results is indispensable. Displaying your Wedding day in a creative, impassioned style is sincerely worth the investment and will be a treasure for you and your loved one to have. The key to a wonderful wedding video artistry. A well edited video flows smoothly from start to finish, combining the best camera view and audio tracks at any given time, engaging the viewer's attention and emotion. Raw footage is useful for archival purposes, but the edited video is the one that you will want to show friends and relatives time and time again. Rather than telling them the story of your Wedding day, You can show them and the can relive it with you an everlasting cinematic Fashion.

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