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What inspired you to start The One?

My husband Matt is a director & video editor and has been cutting wedding videos for some time, just for a bit of “pocket money” really. But when the new Digital SLR’s all started coming out (we love the Canon 7D) and we began to see the fantastic, more film-like results you get from those cameras, we were pretty inspired and decided to seize the opportunity by taking the business to a new level. We had seen similar results from only one or two local production companies and figured we could offer a similar service, albeit with our own point of difference and creative flair.

Tim’s interests are in documentary film-making and visual communication, and he is working on several film projects including an international doc to be released later on this year, which we’re really excited about. His approach to capturing a story is organic, and he thrives on the pressure of gathering “details” within that unpredictable and emotionally charged moment.

What do you love about weddings?

When weddings are done right and when you know the couple is just right for each other, they can be the most amazing thing. There is always this wonderful, magical vibe leading up to, during and a week or two after a wedding that I just love. It brings families and friends together in one space and in many cases, that may never happen again. So I’ve just always appreciated weddings for the more sentimental reasons. They’re just such special moments in people’s lives and we do our best to capture that magic quality in all of our films.

What is your philosophy on wedding films?

Get the cute stuff! We don’t want to just re-cap your wedding day (that’s a given). We want to share the fun, cutesy kind of stuff that goes on around you. These are the moments that make for such fun memories. It’s the stuff you wouldn’t normally remember but when you look back at it in years to come, you just won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face. At least, that’s what we try to achieve anyway.

We had feedback from one of our clients recently and she said, “We watched our video the other night and both had tears and laughter at the same time…can’t wait to show everyone now!” and that’s the type of feedback we love. Laugh or cry. It’s all the same (haha!).

What should a couple look for in their videographer?

Someone with a modern approach and most importantly someone you get along with. You are spending your entire day with these people, from early morning prep through to midnight celebrations so it’s important to have a rapport with your videographer. And feel free to tell them what you want. If there is something going on that you really want them to capture, let them know. Remember, it’s the one day where it’s all about you and it’s the one video you will cherish forever! We also concentrate on working really closely with photographers. We have fabulous relationships with most of Adelaide’s wedding photographers, because we work hard to blend in - I think Tim would like to be a ninja in his next life!

What makes a beautiful wedding film?

Stunning visuals and crisp, clear audio certainly help and Tim, our main videographer certainly has this covered. But one aspect that I think is often overlooked is a well put together piece, from an editing point of view. So many production companies focus on getting great shots but then let themselves down on the edit, as if it were an after-thought. They just throw it all together with a piece of music underneath and that’s not really giving you the experience you deserve, in our opinion.

Our wedding films are generally around 25 to 30 mins in length because let’s be honest, family and friends don’t really want to sit through a 2 hour long wedding video. They’ll never admit that but it’s true. So we take only the very best bits and turn them into something you can actually share with family and friends and not feel like you’re boring the pants off them! We feel it’s much more special that way and certainly more enjoyable. You will more than likely showcase your video to a lot more people as well.

Why should every wedding be filmed?

We are often amazed at how little thought couples put into their wedding video, yet the photographer is always seen as something that is so important. I guess it comes down to personal preference and that photography of weddings is somewhat of a tradition. Photos are fantastic because you can put them in frames and share them on Facebook or wherever but as internet speeds continue to improve and video technology develops, we are seeing a far greater push now towards online video content and couples are opting for the wedding films as a better way to showcase the entire experience. You can upload your videos to sites like Vimeo or YouTube and embed that link to your own blog site, Facebook or simply email it to your friends. We are also finding that couples enjoy the film-making process so much, that they are also experimenting with other videos that highlight special occasions like engagements, “Save the Date” videos (which are very popular and a lot of fun!), birthdays or even testimonial videos for people that are retiring from a long career or have reached a milestone in their life. We recently helped a nervous groom with a pre-recorded video speech complete with acted scenes and a ballad! How cool is that!

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