What is Designer Jewellery?


 What is Designer Jewellery?
Jan Sinclair - Thursday, February 10, 2011
Designer jewellery is modern, contemporary jewellery produced in limited quantities from original designs by jewellery artists. Often made from sterling silver and sometimes featuring semi precious stones, it is designed to be both fashionable and affordable. High quality but not expensive, designer jewellery fills the gap between expensive gold jewellery crafted with precious stones and cheap costume or fashion jewellery.

Sometimes an artist brands the jewellery with his or her name and limits the range their designs only. Other artists have the jewellery made for them and market a broader range of products not all of which are personally designed by them.

Two of our favourite artists live in San Miguel de Allende, a hill top colonial town in central Mexico. Pepe Cerroblanco comes from a long line of jewellery designers and Lilla Perilla is one of Mexico's most famous jewellery designers.

Pepe designs bold, almost extravagant pieces designed to catch the eye and make a strong fashion statement. Each piece is made in limited quantities and manufactured in the family factories. We love his work because it is original and stunning.

Lilla started making jewellery when she was 8 years old and knew she wanted to be a silversmith from a young age.

She designs and hand makes all of her jewellery often making very few pieces in each batch thus keeping her pieces rare and exclusive. Like Pepe she also features bold contemporary designs.

You can find Pepe's and Lilla's jewellery in our Lux Collection.


Jive finds and selects pieces from top designers around the world and many of these lines are exclusive to Jive in Australia. We source from Australia, Mexico, Israel, Germany, Italy, Thailand and Indonesia basing our selections on three criteria - handcrafted design, impeccable workmanship and exceptional value. Not all of the designs are as bold as those from Pepe and Liila so browse our store and find a piece just right for you!

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