Three Fashion Rules to Break


As your age goes up, should your hemlines come down?  Not necessarily! 

Do you follow the unwritten rules of fashion?  You know the ones: don’t mix black and navy, or black and brown; look in the mirror and remove one thing before you leave the house; no short skirts or long hair after 40; cover your arms after 50; don’t mix metals in your jewellery; take a straight talking friend fashion shopping with you; a little black dress is always ‘right’; socks are not an option unless there is walking or sport involved;

Generally I stick to the ‘rules’ but sometimes if I removed one thing before going out, I’d be raising eyebrows dining in my bra!  There are times when flaunting the rules is a good thing, and here are three I think you should consider:

1)     Don’t take a friend with you – her style is hers, not yours.   Learn to trust your own sense of fashion and what looks good on you.  Ask yourself what you turn to most often and what you’ve  bought but then never worn?  We all feel the need for bit of a fashion shake-up at times causing us to acquire something outside our usual style – sometimes with great result and sometimes to be left sadly hanging, tags intact.  So, ask yourself some tough questions about where and how you would wear the piece before plonking down the plastic. But most important - whatever you choose - own it and wear it with pride. Occasional mistakes will occur, but it’s only fashion after all so to heck with your friend’s opinion! 
2)     Mix those metals:  Who made that silly rule anyway?  Certainly not someone who loves her jewellery!  Metals are neutrals so there is absolutely no reason at all not to mix away.  There is nothing more interesting than a little sterling silver, white gold or platinum punched up with shimmering yellow or rose gold, or even brass and copper. So mix it up and wait for the compliments. 
3)     Wear hosiery with open toe shoes:  How bold – or maybe risky? It is not wrong to want to make your legs look as fabulous as they can, and still enjoy flirty open toe shoes (but do draw the line at hose and strappy sandals)!  Find hosiery with no ugly toe seams and don’t skip the beautifying pedicure. You are then ready to then leave your toes in the ‘open’ while encasing your pins in shimmery, sheer perfection.

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