What if it rains on my wedding day?


Unfortunately nobody can predict the weather on any given day. As accurate as the weather forecast can be, their predictions are still based on mathematical algorithms. Although historical analysis can help with indicating the probability of rain there is still going to be uncertainty. In my experience, when it comes to wedding photography Sydney has the most unpredicatble weather there could be. This article will explain what to do and how to think if your most important day of your life – that is, your wedding day, happens to encounter rain.

Firstly – get the bigger picture. Assuming that most couples getting married would prefer the weather to be all blue skies and white fluffy clouds on their big day, it’s always handy to be prepared for the worst. Why let the weather ruin what could otherwise be a happy and memorable occasion? Secondly, be practical. For the bride, it would be unreasonable to choose the dress to prepare for the worst case scenario, so if the wedding dress has a long train, it might be helpful to remind the bridesmaids to give the her a hand with making sure it doesn’t get muddy – not only will it be more comfortable when clean and dry, but also hopefully easier to clean.

Additionally, choose your umbrellas well. Big umbrellas are more practical, and can a double purpose: they not only shield you from the rain but can also make good props for wedding photography. Regarding this point, it is not necessarily a waste if it does rain. When it comes to wedding photography Sydney landmarks and places can provide a rich backdrop for rain photography. Your photographer should still be able to make the most out of the unique background scenery and lighting that cloudy days can bring. You might even be surprised by the appearance of a rainbow during the day. If the wedding ceremony or reception has been organised for outdoors, consider whether the events can be flexible and moved indoors or under sheltered areas in the case of poor weather on the wedding day. Bear in mind that not all locations can be flexible due to conflicting engagements or bookings, so it may be helpful to check available backup plans with the event co-ordinator when organising.

In addition, be patient and expect delays in rainy weather. Rain can make travel more difficult or inconvenient for the guests and bridal party. However the important point is that everybody arrives safely, although preferably not too late! Popular common areas that are wet may also need to be regularly mopped to ensure they do not become a slip hazard. Also, rain on your wedding day may not necessarily be a bad omen. Some cultures welcome the rain for the positive symbolism it brings. In some cultures, rain means cleansing, showering of blessings, unity in marriage and fertility. They are all good things!

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