Wedding Photos; Album Choices?


Our parents and grandparents may have displayed their wedding photos in ornate frames or preserved them in traditional photo albums, but today’s bride and groom have quite a few other options when it comes to displaying photos of their wedding.

Coffee Table Books
These have hard covers similar to traditional photo albums but their pages are made of paper of similar quality to glossy magazines. Descriptions and captions can be added to pages before a book is printed and as the name implies, these photo books are meant to be displayed on coffee tables for viewing by your guests.

Flush Mount Albums
These contain images dry-mounted on cardboard pages, usually one image per page. The pages of flush mount albums are thick and unbending and their covers are usually made of leather or glass. A flush mount album is more expensive than a coffee table book but preserves your wedding photos in good condition.

Printed Photo Albums
Rather than having traditional photos attached to pages as in conventional photo albums, the photos are printed on each page. Because the positions of digital photos can be arranged carefully before a page of a digital photo album is printed, these albums often have a neater, more attractive appearance, and they are becoming increasingly popular with both professional and amateur photographers. Software such as iPhoto for Mac can allow you to create and order printed photo albums.

Facebook Wedding Album
Facebook images are another popular way to present your wedding photos. Choose images from the CD if provided by your wedding photographer and upload them to a social networking site, where they can be shared by your friends and relatives. This is a great, quick, casual way for your friends to keep up to date with events in your life and if you choose this route, you may be keen to add your wedding photos to your Facebook page as soon as you can after the wedding, so that people who did not attend the wedding can get a glimpse of your celebrations. Digital images on social networking sites are a great way to share your day with the world.

A compact disc containing high or low resolution images may be provided by your wedding photographer so that a couple can put together their own wedding album in whatever format they prefer. What a romantic project for a pair of newlyweds! Whichever method you prefer for showcasing your wedding photos, what is most important is that you are proud of the photos you display which should reflect the spirit of your special day.

Although a photographer’s technical expertise and style are important factors when you’re looking for a wedding photographer, it’s most important that bride, groom and photographer feel at ease in each other’s company for your photos to look great however presented.  Remember, you’ll be working together for a few hours under unusual circumstances, and when you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera, your photographer will be able to truly capture the spirit of the day. For this reason, we recommend that before booking a wedding photographer, you schedule a meeting where you can discuss which options you prefer for presenting your wedding photos.

Wedding photos, whether displayed in frames, albums, photo books or Facebook, are important mementos of your wedding to be treasured for the rest of your lives.

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