Little Pearls of Wisdom - Tip 1


There are some little pearls of wisdom that I wish I had known at our own wedding. Over the 16 years I have been shooting weddings I have seen and often prevented minor disasters by simply identifying them and offering tips to the couple in advance or sometimes even on the day to keep the show running smoothly. Over the next 5 articles I would like to share with you 5 of the most valuable points on getting the most from your Wedding Day:

Tip 1.
Meet with at least three different photographers and select whom you like and are comfortable with rather than the “cheapest” or “the best deal”. You will want to love your images long after you have forgotten what the investment was. Once you have decided, meet with your photographer early and (if possible) a few times before the big day so that you can be comfortable on the day that your photos will reflect more about who you really are as a couple. Try to be as candid and truthful as possible in your conversations with them to provide enough of an insight into the real you. If are not into the lovey-dovey romance thing or the fun, crazy photos, tell your photographer up front. This should allow them to select posing strategies and activities that won’t make you uncomfortable on the day which of course will show every time you look at the finished images.

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