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Knowing what you want is one of the most challenging things about finding the right wedding photographer. This article describes a checklist of things to consider about when approaching photographers so that you may find the best wedding photography Sydney has to offer.

Sydney is a beautiful city, and the most populated city in Australia. It is no surprise that it is full of emerging and established wedding photographers. Finding the right one takes time so the first thing to remember is to be patient. Do not be careless in finding one too quickly. This also means taking your time with word of mouth referrals. It is no guarantee that the right photographer for your friend or family is the right one for you.

Secondly, find out the strengths of each photographer in terms of experience and knowledge of Sydney locations. This can be seen on their blog or portfolio on their website. For example, judge for yourself whether the angles look appealing for such landmarks as the Sydney Opera House, or the Rocks, or the Harbour Bridge. An experienced photographer will know how to use light and shadow to their best effect to give a professional look that is attractive at first glance. A knowledgable photographer will have a lot of popular and secret locations up their sleeve and will be prepared to share with you.

This leads to the next point, which is getting together. Once you have your shortlist of photographers, it is important to book them right away for a meeting to talk about the day together. It is far better to talk face to face because there are more things to learn about them. This includes how they work, how flexible their packages are, and what other offers they can do for you. Most photographers should be willing to give their time for these enquiries and meetings so be sure you make the most of them. Afterwards, the list of photographers you had in mind might be reduced to one or two. Now it's time to consider some of the finer details. Which package is cheaper? Could you negotiate a better package deal? Set aside good time for this because with a little persistence, you might get a package that is far better than what you had anticipated. Again, be patient.

Also, your personal intuition is most important at this point in time. Which photographer had the more fitting personality? Which photographer made a good impression? This is often overlooked but is vitally important because the right photographer for you must also be one you are comfortable for you to work with. Do not simply look for the experienced or expensive one but who has an aggressive personality. On your wedding day you want to be comfortable with the people who will be around you all day.

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