Choose a wedding photographer - Part II


Are you getting married? Lots to organise? Oh yes … there are lots of things to do. The list is getting longer and longer and the funds getting less and less.

This article was written by freshPhotography in Melbourne to help you with the selection of your wedding photographer (Part II of II) .

5. Don’t limit the time …

There are lots of photographers out there who have limited time packages. Of course it is expensive to hire somebody for the whole duration of your wedding. So some people will be happy with a few creative and fun pictures after the ceremony and the formal shots. Some will like to have the whole day documented. Most of the time people restrict the time because of their budget. Save on prints – save on the album – but don’t restrict the time – you will love a whole documented day!

We at freshPhotography never limit our time. You tell us where to be at what time. We always document your whole day – at unlimited locations.

6. Higher Price = Higher Quality?

There are huge differences in wedding photography prices? How much are your pictures worth? You might find an amateur or start up photographer for a very cheap price but you could also pay top dollars up to $15,000 for high profile weddings. A student or amateur will be cheaper – usually you can’t see a lot of portfolio work and it might be a little gamble.

Photography equipment is expensive. Your photographer will easily carry around $15.000 worth of camera equipment. Equipment is important. This helps the wedding photographer to achieve quality photos. But don’t forget creativity is the most important asset of a wedding photographer.

Make sure you know what you get. Some photographers are a little bit cheeky about their pricing structures. They include the photography but then you will have to fork out more money to get the actual pictures (printed or digital). Make sure you understand exactly what you get! Read the contract very carful and ask questions. Some examples:

  • Will you personally take the photos?
  • How many prints and albums are included?
  • Which photo lab are you using?
  • Do I get High resolution pictures? Please define High resolution.
  • How long will you take photos?
  • How long does it take to get the pictures?

7. Albums or HighRes pictures?

Quality prints are expensive and cost a lot of money. Professional Albums require design time and are very often handmade. Most of these prints are far higher quality than the prints you will get from Officeworks or BigW. But a lot of people will be happy with the quality a consumer lab provides.

You could spend a lot of money on prints and albums. Your package might include a nice album and a few prints … but what when you want to show off your wedding pictures on your new iPad? Send them to family and friends via email? Publish them on Facebook?

We highly suggest that you make sure you get the high resolution wedding pictures in digital form. Think about it – it has a few benefits. You can always print these pictures – now or in 20 years. You always will be able to create an album – now or in 20 years. But you will never be able to reshoot your wedding. So better save on the prints than on the photographer or time.

Of course as a photographer I love to sell you these beautiful prints and albums as well. But when you are on a budget get only the high resolution pictures. You can print them anytime and design a nice album later. Some photographers disagree with us on this point – but I want to sell the photos – our creativity – and not the prints.

Some photographers will not give you the digital files. And they have some reasons for it: They want to make sure that their work is always displayed in the best possible way. Their name is related to these pictures. Computer software gets cheaper and cheaper. In the times of facebook and instagram you are able to change anything you want – fancy filters and resolution changes – not always to the benefit of the photos. As a photographer I would hate to see my pictures treated like that and I might even lose out on future customers when my pictures appear somewhere on the internet. My pictures are my reputation. For that reason some photographers will not give you any digital pictures – so please understand this.

We at freshphotography see higher benefits in you having the high resolution wedding pictures. So you always get all the pictures in the best quality in digital form on a 16GB USB stick. We also include a smaller version optimised for the web. Use them on your iPad, on facebook and share them with your family and friends via email.

8. Why should I get an engagement shoot?

You met your photographer. Great! So why not go on shoot with him before the wedding. For most people a wedding is the first time they get professional photos. So why not have a little practise run? You will learn how to work with your photographer in front of the camera. You will be far more relaxed on the wedding day when you know how the photographer will do the wedding shoot with you.

Now you are equipped with some knowledge how to select a wedding photographer. Hope this little article gives you a few ideas what to look for. Have a look at our wedding portfolio at freshPhotography in Melbourne and discuss your wedding with us. We would love to capture your big day.

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A wedding day is so much more than just a few posed shots between the ceremony and reception. The whole day is full of amazing & real moments. Your wedding is special and this is why we want to document your day for you.

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