Choose a wedding photographer - Part I


Are you getting married? Lots to organise? Oh yes … there are lots of things to do. The list is getting longer and longer and the funds getting less and less.

This article was written by freshPhotography in Melbourne to help you with the selection of your wedding photographer (Part I of II)

1. Do I need a wedding photographer?

This is totally up to you. Your wedding photos are memories forever. Friends and family will take photos – of course – but usually they produce snapshots and fun candid shots. When you want quality wedding photos to document your big day you will want to hire a professional photographer. I would rather save on the wedding cake, the flowers or don’t get the upgrade for the premium wine and beer. No one will remember the type of beer or wine – but they will see the beautiful photos and keep your beautiful day in their memories. But is absolutely your choice.

2. Do you love the wedding photos?

How did you find your photographer? Word of mouth? Internet recommendations? A wedding expo? It does not matter … you first should have a look at his work. Don’t settle for a photographer when you don’t like his portfolio.

Do you like the style the wedding photographer? This is the most important criteria. Have a really good look at the portfolio and the photos the photographer produces. Some will produce very static, posed photos – others will try to capture you naturally – dreamy looks or tech style. These are your wedding photos – so try to find a photographer which matches your style.

Judge the creativity and quality of the pictures. Make sure you look at a full wedding coverage as well. Don’t waste your time with the wedding photographer when you only like a few shots … you need to love his work. Don’t even look or discuss the package price when you are not 100% convinced.

When you work with bigger photography studios ask explicitly for samples of the person who will shoot your wedding. Every photographer has its own style.

3. Availability – Book your wedding in advance!

A wedding usually happens on Friday, Saturday or Sunday … preferable in summer … a photographer can only attend one wedding a day. Usually you start the wedding planning with booking your reception venue – good idea. The second thing on your list should be the photographer. How frustrating would it be when you found a great wedding photographer which matches your style and price and he is booked out.

It is always sad for us when we need to reject a wedding because we are booked out. So make sure you book your wedding photographer in advance. But even when you are last minute … just give your photographer a call – you never know … you might be lucky. Call freshPhotography on Friday … we shoot your wedding on Saturday – could happen!

4. Meet the wedding photographer!

You found your photographer and he has availability. What to do next?

Before you book the photographer you should meet him. You will be able to find out how your photographer works. Wedding photography is something very personal. You learn more about them when you meet them face to face. Make sure you relate to the photographer. His personality is very important. You need to be relaxed in front of the camera. This is much easier when you relate to your photographer and he makes you feel comfortable.

In a meeting you can discuss all the details of the package and negotiate. Hire only a photographer you like … simple!

We hope you have a look at our portfolio ...

Make sure you read part II of this article. 

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A wedding day is so much more than just a few posed shots between the ceremony and reception. The whole day is full of amazing & real moments. Your wedding is special and this is why we want to document your day for you.

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