25 Must-Have Wedding Photo Shots


You have spent months planning and preparing for this day, choosing your wedding dress, designing your wedding ceremony and organising your reception. Your wedding photos will be precious mementoes, and you’ve taken care to choose a photographer who will create images that capture the spirit of the special day. We want your wedding day to be so, so special that we’ve put our heads together and made up a list to remind you of twenty five wedding shots you must have.

  1. The wedding ceremony venue – an outdoor shot that shows its best features.
  2. A still life shot of bridal details – jewellery, shoes, perfume, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.
  3. The dress – hanging on a hanger, or draped over a bed or a chair.
  4. The bride getting ready – makeup and hair.
  5. The bridal party getting ready – candid shots of preparations, or receiving bridesmaids’ gifts.
  6. Putting on the wedding gown – the bride’s mother buttoning the dress or adjusting the bridal veil.
  7. The bride – a full length shot of the bride in all her finery.
  8. The bridal party – all dressed up and ready to go to the ceremony.
  9. The bride setting off - in the wedding car ready to leave for the ceremony.
  10. The ceremony musicians – a close-up shot.
  11. The bride’s arrival at the ceremony – a wow moment for you, your groom and all your guests.
  12. The kiss – when you have just been pronounced man and wife.
  13. A big group shot – the bride, groom, bridal party and all the guests at the end of the ceremony.
  14. The reception venue – an outdoor shot showing its setting and all the features that made you choose it.
  15. The reception venue – all beautifully decorated, before the start of the reception. A shot of the whole reception space; and close-up shots of details like flowers, bonbonnieres and place cards.
  16. The wedding cake – at the reception venue, before guests arrive.
  17. Reception venue – close up shots of flowers, bonbonnieres and favours, sweets, place cards and all those little details that you’ve worked so hard to coordinate.
  18. The reception musicians.
  19. Guests mingling – at the ceremony, and at the reception.
  20. The bride and groom – wedding photos of the couple together after the ceremony and at the reception.
  21. The speeches – a shot of each of the speakers.
  22. Cutting the cake.
  23. Your first dance.
  24. The dance floor, showing your guests in party mood.
  25. The bride and groom leaving the reception.

This is our basic wedding photos list, and you’ll want to add some of your own suggestions. Although some of the shots on this list will be posed, your photographer should be skilled at spotting opportunities for gorgeous candid shots of you and your guests.

Send your list to your photographer about a week before the big day to be sure that all the shots which are important to you are among your wedding photos. When the day of your marriage arrives, relax and enjoy it; it will be crowded with unique experiences and joyful moments that will all happen so quickly and so close together that time will just fly. Leave it to your photographer to capture images of each precious moment, to remind you of the magic of your wedding day for the rest of your lives.

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