10 tips for looking gorgeous in your wedding photos


10 tips for looking gorgeous in your wedding photos

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As you start counting down to your wedding day, you’ll be thinking about your wedding photos. You will have taken a lot of care to choose a great photographer whose work you love, and you’ll be keen for your wedding photos to truly do justice to your special day. Are you were feeling a little bit apprehensive about looking your best in your wedding photos?

Supermodels and celebrities are used to being in the spotlight and facing a camera every day; it’s their job to look good in photos, and they’ve had plenty of practice at primping, preening and posing in front of the lens. For the rest of us, the prospect of being followed by a photographer for several hours is a unique experience and may be a little unsettling – so with this in mind we’ve prepared a list of tips for looking your most gorgeous in your wedding photos.

  1. For really stunning photos, great lighting is important. Talk to the staff at your wedding reception venue about lighting arrangements, to be sure that the reception room, table arrangements and wedding cakes will be well lit. Ask whether they have spotlights available to supplement background lighting.
  2. You’ll probably prefer to have dimmed lights over the dance floor, but consider having spotlights focused on you during your first dance. 
  3. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for no reason. Try to get to bed early on the night before your wedding so that you wake up feeling rested and looking beautiful. 
  4. Wear makeup that’s similar to your everyday look, only more lovely. Your wedding day is not the occasion to try something new – aim for a natural, classic look.
  5. A white dress is a magnet for stains and spills, so be prepared for little mishaps. Have a stick of white chalk ready to camouflage any marks, so that your wedding dress looks spotless in your photos.
  6. To keep your hair looking smooth and elegant, have hairspray available to deal with wisps of flyaway hair or frizz.
  7. Outdoor and dance floor photos might catch you looking hot and sticky unless you have oil absorbing sheets ready to deal with a shiny face without smudging your makeup. 
  8. Your groom will get a little warm, too – remind him to carry a spare handkerchief to mop his brow!
  9. Rely on your photographer to take care of the details and take shots that do justice to the occasion. After all, your photographer has been involved in quite a few more weddings than you!
  10. Relax and enjoy your special day!

Were you expecting a list of hints about posing for your wedding photos? We’re sorry if you’re disappointed, but we don’t think that’s necessary. Here’s why.

While it’s natural to be self-critical about our appearance in photos and think about posing so that we present ourselves better, who wants to spend the wedding day fretting about little details that other people aren’t likely to notice? We’re fairly sure that when you think back on all the wedding photos you’ve seen, the ones that appealed to you most were candid shots where the bride and groom were just being themselves and enjoying each precious moment of their first day as a married couple. When your special day is spent with all the people who mean the most to you, and is full of happiness, excitement and love, you’ll be radiant. Take our word for it – you will feel and look gorgeous!

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