Tips on great LIVE MUSIC at your wedding by Fiona Treloar


Tips on great LIVE MUSIC at your wedding

Are you hiring a band for your wedding reception? The electric and unique atmosphere provided by professional musicians is what can turn a special event into an unforgettable night, but for 95% of couples their wedding is actually the first time they have hired live performers. When faced with this situation, it is natural to ask yourself - "what don't I know?" But whilst every wedding is unique, rest assured there are things you can do to create the ideal atmosphere for your guests and ensure the night runs smoothly. Fiona Treloar gives the insider info on what a seasoned professional knows about your big day, but you may not.

While it is true that booking professional entertainment ensures a successful event, the following tips ensure you get the very BEST result from live wedding music – a smooth and memorable event celebrating with all your friends and family!

So once you have chosen your musicians…
1) Floor plan
The layout of your Reception room can affect the impact live music can achieve.
A good band involves the audience in the music, particularly the dance sets, so ensure the dance-floor is directly in front of the band. This is crucial but sometimes overlooked.
Also situate the band where your guests can see them. In some venues it not possible to have the band in the main room so a good band will have their musicians “wandering” where possible, or set up a smaller acoustic act for the dinner music.
In the dance sets you want your guests to feel welcome to dance, and being able to see the band from their table is vital for this – if they have to leave the main room to do so, it’s not ideal…
If volume is a concern, rest assured any professional act will be respectful of this, but it is a good idea to seat the party animals closest to the band if possible.

2) Forms and requirements
Submit all details required by the band at least one month before the big day. This will include things like your draft run schedule, any specific instructions and of course all song requests including your Bridal dance.
If you can get this information to your band when requested, it gives the musicians plenty of time to prepare any new songs and confirm the little details. Your band might provide a form, online or otherwise, to obtain this important information.

3) Song choice and sets
A good band will know what to play to make people dance. Don’t feel like you need to prescribe every song for the live sets as it can change very quickly on the night if your guests are not responding to the song requests. A good band will “read” the crowd and play songs accordingly.
Songs for your Entrance, Bridal Dance and other special requests are of course completely your decision and the band will happily learn these songs if they are new. Your act will also be able to help with song ideas if you need inspiration.

4) Get bang for your buck!
Ensure you allow enough time for the band to play each set, which is typically 45-50mins, and in total throughout the night. You don’t want to go to all the trouble (and expense!) of booking a great band then only have time for one dance set right at the very end of the night!
When you consider there are Speeches, the Cake cutting, Bridal Dance, Bouquet, Garter, Dancing, Farewells… there is a lot to fit in.
Typically a wedding band will play a lot of background “dinner” music and then three sets of dance tunes. Keep this in mind when planning your speeches and formalities so you have plenty of time for everything.


5) Music Package deals
Finally, ask if your band can help arrange Ceremony music – particularly if it is at the same venue – why not use the same musicians and create continuity across the day?
Most bands offer brilliant package deals for the whole day of music so this can also be good way to make a saving too.

If you consider the above suggestions when planning your wedding music, you will be as well prepared as a seasoned events professional, carrying off a wonderful celebration for all your family and friends.

Fiona Treloar has been singing professionally since 1997 and is one of Sydney's most versatile performers. From backing up internationally renowned artists on tour to singing classical arias at wedding ceremonies and everything in between, Fiona has seen it all and her professional, honest and down to earth nature has led her to be highly sought after as both a singer and band leader. Specialising in wedding entertainment, Fiona can personalise a package to suit both your needs and budget. For more information, please visit 

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