Choosing the perfect Bouquet


 There's more to choosing the perfect bouquet than just the type of flowers....

  • Choose Seasonal. Not only will this make your bouquet less expensive, 'in season' flowers will last longer. Think about the location of your wedding, some delicate blooms will not fare too well on the beach or outside all day.
  • Bouquet Design. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding and the style of your gown. A bouquet should compliment your wedding dress. Sometimes less is more. If your gown is very detailed and elaborate, a simple pared down approach to flowers is sometimes best. Let that dress shine! Alternatively if you have chosen a simple gown design, something more 'out there' may work perfectly.
  • Bouquet Size. Remember that the size of the bouquet should be in proportion not only to your height and body shape, but with the style of your gown. A tiny bouquet looks out of place on a very large, full skirted dress.
  • Bouquet Colour. Not all whites are created equal, or ivories for that matter! If possible, provide your florist with a fabric sample and check the flower colour next to it. Go outside into natural light and compare colours.
  • Bouquet Weight. Something that is often overlooked is how heavy those flowers can be! A very large bouquet can look amazing but can also be very heavy. Remember that you have to carry that bouquet for most of the day.





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