10 Reasons Roses are Popular in Wedding Flowers and Bouquets


We tend to take it for granted that roses are popular for weddings but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why this is so? We have a made a list that explains why roses have always been a quintessential feature of wedding flowers and bouquets.

Did you know that there are over eleven thousand distinct rose varieties? Roses come in dozens of different hues, from the snowy white Akito to the dark, velvety Black Baccara; from the delicate, subtle ivory Chantilly to the vibrant scarlet Magnum. However traditional or exotic your wedding theme, there will be a rose variety that perfectly expresses the character and charm of your wedding.

Commercially grown roses are available all year round. This makes life easy for brides; whenever your wedding day falls, there will be roses in season.

While roses evoke a feeling of luxury and extravagance, the cost of roses tends to be reasonable (although on occasions like Valentine’s Day when demand is high, the price of roses rises dramatically). When cost is an important consideration, remember that a single long-stemmed rose can have as much impact as a bouquet containing a dozen blooms.

Roses come in many shapes and sizes, from baby buds to big, blowsy blooms. Whether you are looking for a stunning or subtle effect, this versatile flower lends itself to a multitude of different styles of wedding flowers and bouquets.

The long stems of roses are strong yet flexible and don’t need additional wiring or support when they are arranged in bouquets or floral displays. Stems can be trimmed to any length, so that roses can be used in a buttonhole, posy, bouquet, basket or trailing cascade arrangement.

Roses may appear fragile and delicate but they are tough, robust, long-lasting blooms that don’t need to be handled with kid gloves. Roses also lend themselves to being dried, so that you can preserve roses from your bouquet as a memento of your wedding.

A bunch of roses is stunning, but the effect can be even more dazzling when roses are combined with other types of flower. Roses and lilies, or roses and baby’s breath are beautiful traditional combinations. For a non-traditional wedding, consider wedding flowers and bouquets with roses combined with unexpected partners such as tulips, orchids, peonies or wild flowers.

Many rose varieties are beautifully perfumed. In addition to the classic old rose scent, many roses have a strong tea scent and others give out fruity fragrances hinting of peaches, citrus or bananas.

In the language of flowers, roses symbolize love and are synonymous with romance. In the Victorian era, when social conventions discouraged the expression of feelings in words, giving and receiving roses sent a powerful message about love. Different colours traditionally signify a range of emotions and passions, for example white roses represent purity and innocence, yellow roses are symbols of joy and coral roses suggest desire.

We don’t think you’ll need to be reminded that roses are exquisite, magnificent, gorgeous examples of Mother Nature’s finest work.

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