Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Jordanna Regan Couture


Jordanna Regan Couture had the honour of showcasing an Evening Wear collection at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hosted by South Bank.

Jordanna Regan Couture’s latest evening wear collection symbolises glamour, fun and luxury. The collection was inspired by the romantic era of the 1950’s when fashion returned with vengeance. The collection consists of the early 50’s glamorous “new look” full skirts and feminine boned bodices to the late 50’s slim lined dresses, both maintaining great emphasis on producing a slender waist.  Jordanna Regan Couture is about creating silhouettes that flatter the female figure by using lines that elongate and slim the body.

Jordanna Regan Couture’s evening wear collection can be viewed at

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Jordanna Regan Couture

Jordanna Regan Couture bridal gowns are custom made utilising only the finest premium silk fabrics and laces, creating that element of individuality and exclusivity.

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