How to select Entertainment


You’ve booked the venue, found your dress; love the celebrant or church and love the photographer, now who or what do you get for entertainment?

iPods are great for the low budget and ‘easy’ style weddings where music is not a key and entertainment is your last thought.

Jukeboxes falls in the same category as iPod’s, they just look better but there can be more hassles with people picking music you or other guests personally may not like.

Bands are great if you can find one that has a big repertoire or if you have one from a place where you first met so there is meaning behind them. Many bands will work with you and try to please you and even learn special requests you give them prior to your big night. There are many bands out there that are great for weddings and there are also many out there that should not be doing weddings.

Disc Jockey/ Entertainment Jockey’s as in bands; there are some you would pay the earth for and some that you are best to avoid.

What should you look for and what should the process be when looking for entertainment?

1: Ask what they do, what is included, why them, what experience do they have and what can they do to make a difference to your event?
Do they MC as an extra or all included, do they provide lighting/ mood lighting and effects including haze (not tacky smoke machines), has the performer (this includes DJ’s) had real wedding experience and how many years, what makes them a better choice than anyone else? How they can make a difference means will they create special moments on the day or night with things like a Father daughter dance, using special effects for special moments, will they do or create games to suit your wedding and will they be dressed correctly

2: Are they available?
You will be surprised at how far ahead you will need to book the entertainment if they are well known or just great at what they do (some of us are booked 18 months ahead)

3: Are they interested in your function?
Some entertainers may not feel they are suited to your style function (this is also a sign of a professional as they feel they are not best suited to you)

4: Can I book you?
As per point 2, you need to ask the question as those who are professionals generally don’t need to ask as they are constantly booked and you need to feel confident and comfortable with them and most of all trust them

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