8 Wedding Car Styles


8 Wedding Car Styles

Photo by: Kombi Love

If you’ve been checking out wedding ideas in magazine articles and blogs, you will have read many times that it’s important for your wedding cars to complement your wedding theme. What this advice means in practice is that until you have decided on a theme for your wedding, there is no point in thinking too deeply about wedding cars.

Haven’t decided on your wedding theme yet? If you’re having trouble settling on a wedding theme that inspires you, may we offer a tentative suggestion? What if you turned this advice about wedding cars and wedding themes on its head: find a car first, and then decide on a wedding theme which complements the wedding cars?

So, find the cars that catch your eye, stir your curiosity and fire your imagination. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. A retro Cadillac recalls the golden days when Hollywood was the centre of the universe. Take your pick from movie stars from this time – maybe Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, or Audrey Hepburn – and glam it up, big time.
  2. Modern stretch limousines can make you feel like a real celebrity for the day. You could even dress to emulate the celebrity of your choice!
  3. Kombi vans recall the 1960s and 1970s and are perfect for a casual, laid-back beach wedding, with a barefoot couple, a groom in a Hawaiian shirt and music by the Beach Boys.
  4. The classic Rolls Royce Phantom was designed for royalty. Live your fantasy as a wedding princess!
  5. A vintage car from the American jazz era could inspire you to create a Great Gatsby themed wedding. Recreate the elegant decadence of this great novel; it’s a great opportunity to dress as a 1920s flapper with a jazz band performing in the background.
  6. A classic car such as a 1950s Holden could inspire a retro, Australian-themed wedding. Think of an earthy colour scheme, a bouquet of wild flowers and serving your guests with a wedding breakfast of damper washed down with billy tea.
  7. Did a picture of a London black taxi bring to mind a location that’s special to you as a couple? London cabs are great wedding cars with great appeal for British expats living in Australia.
  8. Are you a Francophile? A classic car like a 1960s Citroen (the one shaped like a space ship) could inspire a French wedding: Bistro food, croquembouche wedding cake and Charles Aznavour crooning or accordion music in the background.

If you really want to start making wedding plans, but don’t quite know where to begin, why not choose your wedding cars first and let your imagination take over? Finding a wedding car that inspires you to decide on a theme for your wedding could be an easy way to cut to the chase, act decisively and move forward with plans for an unforgettable wedding day. It’s worth a try!

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