How to Use Birdcages in your Vintage Wedding


Antique decorative birdcages are starting to become a popular decorating product for weddings. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways to decorate your wedding. Antique birdcages add an interesting touch to vintage or rustic weddings. They're also great for garden weddings or weddings with a 'lovebird' theme.


They come in a range of colours so when buying them, you will need to consider your wedding colours. Generally, birdcages are available in white, cream, black, brown and green. White or cream is probably best for a shabby chic style wedding. Brown and green would work well for a rustic or garden wedding. Black cages have a dark, heavy look and are quite dramatic. They would be best for a 1920s style wedding in black and white with ostrich feathers.

Where to buy decorative birdcages

You can find antique and antique-style birdcages online. Some shabby chic and French-style gift shops sell birdcages. Some hire shops also hire them which is more cost-effective (and you won't end up with lots of birdcages afterwards).

Suggestions for decorating your wedding

Here are some ways that you can incorporate birdcages into your wedding day:

  • As table-centres - use smaller birdcages (no taller than 30cm so it doesn't obstruct people's view across the table). Place them on a mirror or inside an antique frame. Then fill the cages with real or silk flowers (old-fashioned roses or peonies). Allow the flowers to trail out around the birdcage and through the door of the cage if it has one.
  • Another idea for table-centres is to fill the cages with feathers and flowers - add little decorative birds for a sweet lovebird themed wedding.
  • For an outdoor garden wedding, fill with flowers and hang lots of cages from trees.
  • For an evening outdoor wedding, hang cages from trees and place battery powered tealights inside.
  • Use as a cardholder - this is becoming very popular. Place a sign on the cage letting people know that they can drop their cards inside. Place a sign next to the cage so people know to place their cards inside.
  • Decorate your dessert or candy bar by filling cages with flowers and placing around the buffet table.
  • Have your flowergirl carry a little birdcage down the aisle.
  • Hang small birdcages filled with flowers or lights on chairs along your aisle, or place on the ground along the sides of your aisle at an outdoor wedding.


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